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Stylish Custom Bedding & Headboards 


You pick and choose every piece of furniture, rug and upholstery in your home so carefully, adding different personalization to them. Then why choose generic ready-made bedding and headboards from the market? With Vancouver Interior Decorating & Design, you now have the option to get your blankets, bedsheets, duvets, headboards and other bedding accessories customized according to your comfort and style. 


We use a range of quality materials, including cotton and silk, to create our custom bedding and headboards in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Delta.

Guest Bedroom

Custom Bedding and Duvets

Want a quilt that matches your sheet and pillow covers? We can make it happen. If you are bored of sleeping in your old duvet and need something comfy as well as trendy, we can custom-make it for you. Just tell us the design you have in your mind, your bed’s dimensions and the fabric you need, and we can create unique bedding and duvets for you.

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Custom Headboards


The headboard adds a new layer of style to your bedroom, protects your wall from wear and tear and provides back support for you to sit in your bed in a leaning position without slouching directly on the wall. Vancouver Interior Decorating & Design can customize headboards to suit your preferences and your room’s requirements. Our upholstered headboards can be made of fine fabrics such as leather, cotton, vinyl, wool, silk and polyester. Here are a few benefits of our personalized headboards:


  • We can add tufting and buttons to add panache to your headboards.

  • Our interior designing consultant can add French nails for a sophisticated look.

  • We create headboards that are mounted on your wall to prevent them from falling down.

  • Vancouver Interior Decorating & Design can make headboards twin, double, queen and king sizes.


Bedding That Reflects Your Personality

We can customize your blankets, pillowcases, bed skirt and quilts just the way you like.